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As Memri, we set out not only to make people's data truly theirs but also to create an effective self-governing organisation that we trust and where we are happy. We are convinced that this is the only direction that fully expresses our fundamental values and beliefs in an appropriate way.

how we operate

we are a self-governed organisation

Memri wants to be a flat or distributed organization whereby there is a large amount of autonomy with individual actors and with small groups of actors. We wish to set this up from the beginning to enable an ability to scale at unprecedented speed and to create a culture that is fun to work in because it is created by people themselves rather than pushed from the top down.

we are strongly values driven

We believe that this provides the structure to scale our organization, innovate our technology and attract top talent as we strive to change the world towards a better future. These values apply to how we work and the philosophy of the solutions we create. People make the product!

we have no top-down hierarchy

We offer a creative, highly participatory environment without the classical top-down hierarchy. We value that each candidate brings their own unique mix of skills and experience.

we are remote and flexible

Your location is not as important as your timezone. We operate across the European and American time zones.We believe your life outside your professional commitments should be enjoyed, and time to rejuvenate is critical to thriving. That’s why we work flexibly during the month. You commit your time for a specific number of hours during a month and you can work during the times that are most productive for you.

current openings
If none of these positions are a fit, email iwanttojoin@memri.io describing your dream job.
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Empowering people with data

We continuously generate data and information about ourselves but we have little control or access to it. Many of the services that we use prioritise data collection, while compromising our freedoms, agency and trust.

We at Memri, are an open source community and we are tackling these challenges through shared creativity and collaboration. We build tools that empower people to create a new web - one that is private, trustworthy and free from centralized control.

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