we make tools for the new web - private, trustworthy, and life-centric

We are a diverse team with a rebellious spirit. We value trust and transparency and that is why we are organized a bit differently than other companies. Read on to discover what makes us stand aside from the rest.

how we operate

we are a self-governed organization

Memri is a distributed organization. This means every individual has influence and autonomy in how we run the company and what we build. We work this way so we can scale at speed, but also to ensure that we create our own company culture - one that is healthy and fun to work in.


In the quest to return data ownership to people, we are creating an organization that is fully self-governed and one that prioritizes trust and happiness of its members.
While not always easy, the organizational model we have adopted helps us achieve just that. This helps us stay creative, innovative and corageous to challenge the status quo.

how do we make decisions?

We strive to be a democratically-governed organization. We use various forms of tried and tested decision-making methods to ensure that we stay closely connected on our direction while, at the same time,  maintaining speed and business agility.

meet the team

we are a diverse team with a rebellious spirit

We are an international company based in Amsterdam with people working remotely around the globe, from the Netherlands, Costa Rica, Germany, Russia, France, Armenia, Pakistan, Poland, Spain, Türkiye, China, Indonesia, and counting!
Ruben Daniels
Bram van der Lecq
self-governance coaching & organization
Aglaia Sadtchikova
product owner
Canay Atalay
strategy and communication
Angela Wante
finance & administration
Bijun Li
distributed systems & backend engineering
Karl Hütt
design and communication
Muhammad Bilal
Erfan Jazeb Nikoo
senior flutter engineer
Yuki Ling
Szymon Zimnowoda
senior rust developer
Aziz Berkay Yesilyurt
senior python engineer
Navid Nadjm
product designer
Alp Deniz Ogut
software engineer
Eda Pelin Aksu
chief of staff
Stefan Vijzelaar
distributed systems, security & model checking

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