machine learning tools designed to protect your privacy

The easiest way to build, deploy and share ML apps on personal data

Build privacy-preserving machine learning apps for the real world. Connect personal data. Train ML models. Deploy and share apps. All in one platform.

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a 5-step workflow

Machine Learning workflow made simple

step 1:
connect your data

Collect and secure your data in your private POD

Import your data from services like WhatsApp, Gmail, Instagram and Twitter into your private Memri POD. Process and use your data to build machine learning apps all in one platform.
Data in your POD is completely protected via full encryption, and only you have access to it using your personal crypto keys.

step 2:
label your data

Label your data in two quick steps

Use the built-in labeling tool to label your imported data from your favorite services like WhatsApp or Gmail. No more downloading large datasets, paying for additional software or setting up extra configuration.

step 3:
build a data app

Train and deploy a machine learning model with just a few lines of code

Memri’s preconfigured template offers everything from setup, testing to CI. So all you need to train and deploy your model is a few lines of code.

step 4:
add user interface

Easily create, live-edit and optimise your UI

Add and edit a custom interface to your app and see changes live. Select from ready building blocks such as VStacks, HStacks, Text and buttons inside the embedded Ace editor without leaving the platform.
No more installing external editors or setting up additional configurations!

step 5:
Use and share your app

Deploy and share your app

Push your code to your repo in the dev or prod branch using our plugin template, and you’re done.
Your app is now ready to use and share!

powerful features

The all-in-one machine learning solution

Memri is a secure, powerful and extensible personal data platform that allows you to import data from your favorite services and easily create shareable ML apps for the real world. All on one platform.
get started in just a few minutes

One-step setup

Your Memri user account is your ML environment. Create an account and you’re ready to start building apps!

complete and adaptable ml pipeline

Flexibility to build anything

Our open source code,  open architecture and a collection of plugin templates give you the freedom to build almost anything.

live-edit your app interface with ace editor

Instant UI optimisation

Build a user interface for your app using the CVU's front-end editor. No more downloading additional editors or setting up custom configurations!

Apps connected to your private pod

Secure and truly private

Memri is built using decentralized blockchain architecture, ensuring full security of all data. It is not possible to extract any information from the ML model at any point. Your privacy is finally completely secure.

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Empowering people with data

We continuously generate data and information about ourselves but we have little control or access to it. Many of the services that we use prioritise data collection, while compromising our freedoms, agency and trust.

We at Memri, are an open source community and we are tackling these challenges through shared creativity and collaboration. We build tools that empower people to create a new web - one that is private, trustworthy and free from centralized control.

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