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Senior Software Engineer

Why would you join?

We are Memri and we're solving a big problem. We are continuously generating data and information about ourselves but we have little control or access to it. Many of the services that we use are built to capture our attention rather than help us achieve our goals as individuals; all the while, they compromise our freedoms, agency and trust. We are on a mission to fix this.

We are building an open source community within the Web3 space, and we are tackling data challenges through shared creativity and collaboration. We want to create a world where technology is better aligned with people’s needs today. We build tools that empower people to create a new web - one that is private, trustworthy and free from centralized control.Among the core team, we have founders who have built and sold multiple companies to the world’s industry leaders. We are an international company with a hub in Amsterdam and a diverse, remote team based across Europe and Asia.

Our organisation

We are a values-centric, democratic organization and we are driven by creating positive impact for people and planet. We believe that our self-governed structure eliminates many of redundant managerialistic routines one sees in traditional companies. We find that our structure allows for unhindered scaling and innovation, while also attracting top talent. Our team are highly motivated because we are creating the organization we want to work in and a product that leaves a lasting positive impact.Our values apply to how we work and the philosophy of the solutions we create.

Technical knowlege

You should apply if the following statements are true for you:
  • You are an expert (+5 years experience) in at least one of our main focus areas, namely Rust, Python, or Flutter. Technologies very similar to the ones in our specific tech stack also count
  • You have some experience, or high willingness to learn the other areas of our tech stack
  • General high-level out-of-a-single domain experience such as designing systems from the ground up, creating APIs, or creating docker[-compose] files and understanding its principles
  • You have relevant experience in building, designing (technical) and maintaining products holistically together with the rest of the team, not just focussing on one particular of the tech stack
  • Ability to work autonomously
  • Being able to own a task, and drive it to the end
  • Knowing how to write clean, maintainable and testable code
  • You are familiar with the industry’s best practices: receive and provide code reviews, write documentation, etc
  • You are available for 32-40 hours a week (hours are flexible)
  • You are able to join meetings during CET time zone on a regular basis
  • You are interested in working in a decentralized flat & remote organization (meaning that you'll get the chance to actively participate in how we run our organization)
  • You are open to learn and grow on a professional and a personal level
  • You are an excellent communicator and master English verbally and in writing
  • You are happy to share a short motivational letter when you apply (applications without a letter will not be processed!)

The role

While we have expertise in several areas of our tech stack, we are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our team who is able to combine those disciplines to build software that our users love.

What will you do when you get the job?
  • Help building and improving an ecosystem of tools that enable developers to create the next generation of machine learning powered applications
  • Help turning our product from promising tech into a product that our users and community love to use
  • Help build, design and scale our microservices platform in a way that allows our (tech-savy) users to easily build and distribute those microservices
  • Integrate the latest privacy preserving machine learning architecture to our platform with the help of the experts within the team


Bonus Points if you have the following:

  • Experience working and interacting with open-source communities. All of our projects are currently open-source! A link to a project of your github would be great
  • Experience in writing highly-testable software, e.g. using CI, tests, linters, code format checks, etc
  • Interest in security and Machine Learning
  • Designing secure applications
  • Located in Europe or similar timezone


  • Compensation: €70.000-€90.000 salary and equity
  • Flexible working hours.
  • The opportunity to join an organization and actively participate in building and shaping the organization and products.
  • Occasional offline retreats somewhere on this planet to get together with the team.

Find out more

Want to learn more about us, or just have a look through our code or community? Have a look here!

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If this position is not a fit, email iwanttojoin@memri.io describing your dream job.

reasons to join

As Memri, we set out not only to make people's data truly theirs but also to create an effective self-governing organisation that we trust and where we are happy. We are convinced that this is the only direction that fully expresses our fundamental values and beliefs in an appropriate way.

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