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Why would you join?

We are Memri and we're solving a big problem. We are continuously generating data and information about ourselves but we have little control or access to it. Many of the services that we use are built to capture our attention rather than help us achieve our goals as individuals; all the while, they compromise our freedoms, agency and trust. We are on a mission to fix this.

We are building an open source community within the Web3 space, and we are tackling data challenges through shared creativity and collaboration. We want to create a world where technology is better aligned with people’s needs today. We build tools that empower people to create a new web - one that is private, trustworthy and free from centralized control.Among the core team, we have founders who have built and sold multiple companies to the world’s industry leaders. We are an international company with a hub in Amsterdam and a diverse, remote team based across Europe and Asia.

Our organisation

We are a values-centric, democratic organization and we are driven by creating positive impact for people and planet. We believe that our self-governed structure eliminates many of redundant managerialistic routines one sees in traditional companies. We find that our structure allows for unhindered scaling and innovation, while also attracting top talent. Our team are highly motivated because we are creating the organization we want to work in and a product that leaves a lasting positive impact.Our values apply to how we work and the philosophy of the solutions we create.

Technical knowlege

  • You are a mid-weight - senior community leader, with minimum 5-8 years of experience (respectively) in creating and managing communities and community strategies
  • You have some programming knowledge, ideally in Machine Learning (not necessarily production-level programming skills, but you will need the ability to write your own demos, use and speak confidently about the product and the field, and answer some technical questions).
  • Ideally you have worked with open-source communities and have experience or good knowledge of Web3 and Federated Learning spaces
  • You can demonstrate extensive experience in building and executing community growth strategies and initiatives, including defining community guidelines, leading ambassador programs, running roll-out campaigns, and iterating strategies against growth metrics
  • You possess technical expertise and knowledge of growing community platforms including Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, Medium, forums, email and blogs
  • You have demonstrable experience in support and conflict resolution

The role

Your mission

  • develop, implement and lead the Community Strategy
  • create, manage, and grow the Memri community across various channels including GitLab, Discord, social media, editorial channels and partner channels
  • be the key contact for community members, providing guidance and support while building and nurturing relationships between Memri and its contributors


  • Define, execute and iterate on the community strategy and roll-out plan in line with the product strategy, business goals and timelines
  • Strategise and execute initiatives to support growth of the community across all relevant channels including GitLab, Discord, Twitter, company website and blog, Reddit, forums etc. and any other relevant partner channels
  • Work closely with the Product Owner to define and manage the community roadmap in tandem with product releases, and communicate updates to the community to ensure the two are closely aligned


  • Liaise with the team to drive the social and marketing content for community growth campaigns targeted at developers and engineers
  • Engage with the Memri community across Discord, Twitter and any other channels, and connect with other communities to help build up relationships with our user base and with our contributors
  • Respond to community member questions and support issues via email, Discord, Twitter, Reddit and any other channels our community members choose to reach out to us
  • Write product demos and present them at webinars, conferences or similar promotional events


  • Be the representative of Memri to the community
  • Define and manage internal processes to support the Memri community ensuring a smooth experience for contributors
  • Liaise between contributors and the Memri team to support timely implementation of features and ensure roadmap alignment, this will require considerable technical and programming understanding
  • Regularly share updates with community on new features, product updates and plans; be able to communicate with engineers on a technical level
  • Monitor discussions and posts within the communities across relevant channels, answer queries, track issues and provide member support when needed either by answering questions directly or connecting them with relevant team members
  • Be responsible for managing any possible problems including establishing and moderating conflict resolution processes to prevent escalation


  • You are available for (at least) 20 hours a week (the hours are flexible, and we will consider full-time applicants)
  • You are able to work during CET work hours
  • You are motivated by working in a decentralized, flat and remote organization where you can take initiative, actively participate, make decisions and be responsible for how the company is run
  • You are fluent in and are an excellent communicator in English - verbally and in writing
  • You are a self-starting individual motivated by growth and excited about building things that add value to societies
  • You are happy to share a short motivational letter when you apply (applications without a motivational letter will not be accepted)


  • The opportunity to join a self-governing company and have full power to actively build and shape an organization and its products. We are our own bosses!
  • Flexible working hours; we are a self-governing organization so as long as you are available for our key meetings like morning stand-ups and planning sessions, you are free to manage your schedule
  • Flexible location; we are almost an entirely remote team, based across Europe and Asia
  • Regular real-life retreats in various corners of this beautiful planet to meet, discuss, plan and build connections
  • Dedicated training and development program; when you grow, we grow
  • Equipment budget
  • A competitive salary and an options programme
  • A financial stake in the company; our leadership has successfully started and sold previous startups for major global corporations, and although we have chosen an approach that puts our values first, and profit second, we still expect a lucrative future financial outcome.
  • Visa sponsorship (depending on contract type)

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If this position is not a fit, email iwanttojoin@memri.io describing your dream job.

reasons to join

As Memri, we set out not only to make people's data truly theirs but also to create an effective self-governing organisation that we trust and where we are happy. We are convinced that this is the only direction that fully expresses our fundamental values and beliefs in an appropriate way.

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